Wild Wes Saltwater Sportfishing Half Moon Bay

Wild Wes Saltwater Sportfishing Half Moon Bay

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Welcome to Wild Wes Saltwater Sportfishing, where passion meets the Pacific! Run by the energetic and dedicated Wes Langell, our 6-pack charter service out of Half Moon Bay, California, promises an unmatched angling experience. Wes, one of, if not the youngest captain in the fleet, takes pride in fishing full time and has built a thriving career around his love for the sport.

With a stellar reputation and a high rating, Wild Wes Saltwater Sportfishing is your premier choice for thrilling adventures on the open sea. Targeting multiple species, Wes ensures each fishing excursion is diverse and exciting for all enthusiasts. During crab season, join us for unique crab and combo trips, adding an extra layer of excitement to your maritime escapades.

Embark on unforgettable journeys with Wild Wes, where the ocean's bounty awaits. Trust in Wes's expertise, unwavering dedication, and commitment to making every fishing expedition memorable. Book your adventure today and let Wild Wes Saltwater Sportfishing redefine your fishing experience in the waters off Half Moon Bay!

Offshore Trips- (Salmon, Rockfish, and Crab Combos) $300 

Inshore Trips-( Halibut, Striper, Sturgeon, White Sea Bass) $250

Half Days (Crab only etc) $175

Pricing subject to change

Wes Langell

(510) 780-6389 

[email protected] 


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