About Us

Your Angling Hub: Discover Fishing Buddies, Events, and Guides!

Welcome to Get Out and Fish—a thriving community that extends beyond being just a fishing apparel company. Established in 2021, our unique platform emerged from a personal journey that transcended geographical boundaries. More than a place to discover top-notch fishing gear, Get Out and Fish is a digital haven where friendships flourish, and the passion for fishing is celebrated. We stand out by fostering a level of community engagement that... Learn More

Our Mission

At Get Out and Fish, our mission is to inspire and empower individuals to connect with the great outdoors through the joy of fishing. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive platform that not only offers top-quality fishing gear and accessories but also fosters a vibrant community of passionate anglers. With a commitment to sustainability, conservation, and education, we aim to enhance the fishing experience for enthusiasts of all skil... Learn More

The Future: From Fishing Buddies to a National Movement

The future of Get Out and Fish holds exciting prospects as we embark on a journey to expand and enrich the platform. Currently in its infancy stage, Get Out and Fish is poised for substantial growth, driven by a commitment to fostering a dynamic and interconnected community of anglers. Our ongoing efforts include the expansion of the National Registered Guide section, where skilled and passionate fishing guides from across the nation will fi... Learn More